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HiPay: compatible with PrestaShop


With more than 185,000 shops established worldwide and a community of more than 500,000 members, PrestaShop is a leader in the e-commerce market!

PrestaShop is free software that makes it possible to easily set up an online store.

Using open-source technology, it can be freely downloaded from PrestaShop is open and freely customisable by a community of more than 500,000 members throughout the world, who take part in improving and adapting the software.

With more than 185,000 shops, PrestaShop is the world leader in e-commerce solutions and makes more than 350 features available to all of it e-merchants, allowing them to create high-performance e-commerce sites.

Widely used in Europe by more than 100,000 online stores, PrestaShop is now available in more than 63 languages and continues to pursue international growth.

Its rich functionality, simplicity and numerous features make PrestaShop the best option for easily delivering any online store project

PrestaShop and HiPay have entered into a partnership together to allow e-merchants using PrestaShop to suggest the most relevant methods of payment for Europe.

Download the PrestaShop software for free and take advantage of the HiPay module that is pre-installed in the package!

PrestaShop also offers:

  • PrestaShop Add-ons, the official marketplace that brings together more than 3,800 add-ons and themes to customise and continuously enrich the functionality of your online store;
  • Training designed for merchants and developers and delivered by experts in this area;
  • PrestaBox, an online store that’s ready for use;
  • A network of more than 200 specialised partners who will be by your side during the implementation of your site;
  • Technologies and innovative features put in place by a professional team, a very active community, and a policy of always listening to our merchants.

Don’t wait any more! Download PrestaShop free-of-charge from!