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List of HiPay wallet’s advantages

Sharing revenues

HiPay wallet proposes that you automatically pay your potential partners : It is no longer a problem to manage commissions by sending cheques at the end of each month !

Do you wish to automatically remunerate your affiliated partners ?

Just create a payment button and link it to a partner in a few clicks. Display this button on a page entirely dedicated to your partners who will bring you more clients. The partner will be automatically refunded on each transaction made on this page depending on the parameters that were previously registered.
With each transaction, the registered partner will then receive the fixed amount based on the parameters that you have previously registered

The registered partner will then receive on each transaction the fixed amount and you will see the difference.

Or you simply want to manage the distribution of many revenues?

Connect your partners to a payment button (up to 5 potential partners). They will automatically be paid based on the chosen commission model.

Advantages for you :

  • Automate commissions payment to your partners from your customers payments
  • Simplify your accounting
  • Choose the method of commission (percentage or fixed amount for each transaction)

You can find this feature in the list of your payment buttons.