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HiPay: compatible with PrestaShop
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Personalised subscription packages (amount, period...)
List of HiPay wallet’s advantages

Subscription payment solutions

With HiPay wallet, you can offer your products or services as a one-shot transaction ( immediate charge or diferred) but also as a subscription.

With subscription products, work the customer value on the long term and secure your revenues!
This type of package has many advantages. It allows you to secure recurring revenue ; its a perfect solution for your low recurrent purchase customers

Define the subscription’s periodicity :

HiPay wallet allows you to charge daily, weekly, monthly or annually subscriptions based on your offer.



Personalise and configure your subscription package:

With HiPay wallet you will have the chance to set a free period, to choose the number of renewals and to offer business courtesies by suspending certain due dates.

The HiPay wallet exclusive feature: you will not have to worry about the expiration of your subscribers’ payment cards !

HiPay wallet manages the notification emails for you that are sent to your customers to warn them of the expiration of their payment card and invite them to update their bank details. This system is put in place to guarantee the systematic renewal of your subscription offers.