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Multi-account and multi-currency management
Accept payments in multiple currencies.
Enhanced Parental Control
Control your children’s online shopping thanks to a parental filter.
List of HiPay wallet’s advantages

Payment by email

You want to benefit from a sales promotion tool ? You want to make special offers or targeted promotions ? Or simply, you do not have an internet site ?

HiPay wallet offers you the chance to send a payment request by email !

The process is simple : Just create a payment button and HiPay wallet charges to send it to your customers by email.

This button contains all the information relating to the purchase and a link that will redirect your client onto a secure payment page. This page will allow the customer to make their payment either by using their HiPay wallet account or by direct payment.

Simple and fast, this solution stimulates impluse purchases and targets your customers by sending them the right message.