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HiPay: compatible with PrestaShop
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High Security Service
HiPay wallet ensures maximum safety thanks to a protocol requiring identification (anti-phishing key ...)
List of HiPay wallet’s advantages

Multi-currency management

HiPay wallet manages multiple currencies. The largest in the world are the Euro (EUR) U.S. Dollar (USD) Australian Dollar (AUS), Canadian dollar (CAD) Swiss Franc (CHF), Crown (SEK) and sterling (GBP).

You can receive payments in multiple currencies on currency exchange *, while maintaining a balance expressed in one currency.
You can then determine the price of your products in your currency while allowing customers to choose to pay in their local currency upon payment.
The functioning is simple: Open sub accounts for each accepted currency and fix the price of your product and/or service in the desired currency. Your customers will be able to pay in their currency and you can view your profits in each currency in the blink of an eye.

Advantages for you :

  • Develop your customers internationally
  • Improve customer satisfaction (No exchange rate commissions of fees for your buyers)
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • No risk for currency exchange

 With this feature, you will have a total control on your price positionning : you will be able to adapt any price for each of your product/service per currency, and therefore keep psychological prices for a better marketing.

 To create sub accounts, go to the section account overview.

*Only one commission is charged to cover the risks