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HiPay: compatible with PrestaShop
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Many payment solutions
A wide choice of payment methods to use for your online purchases.
List of HiPay wallet’s advantages

Control family spendings and enhance parental control

Monitor and manage your children’s spending online at the same time as allowing them their independence, thanks to the multi-account management and the set up of secondary accounts!

In addition to your main account, you can open as many secondary accounts as you want.

Each new secondary account will have a unique number, with the opportunity to have different users from the main account. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for a family who wants to give young children or adults the chance to use a controlled method of online payment. Buyer’s side, the age of each child is registered by the main account’s user, and merchant’s side, the merchant indicates the age of which his product or service is suitable for. “Special online pocket money”: HiPay wallet allows you to set up these accounts in relation to certain criteria.

You can determine:

  • The maximum payment per purchase
  • The total maximum spending amount over a certain period of time.
  • And the age bracket of your children.

HiPay wallet blocks access to content or products that are not suitable for your children, or sets maximum spending amounts in advance.

Your children will be independent as they have their own access to HiPay wallet. Nevertheless, you will have total access to your children’s account from your main account and you can credit them, modify settings or deactivate them.

To create secondary accounts for your children: go to the section account overview.