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Multi-account and multi-currency management
Accept payments in multiple currencies.
High Security Service
HiPay wallet ensures maximum safety thanks to a protocol requiring identification (anti-phishing key ...)
  • Can I have several Member Areas?
    No. For security reasons, you can only have one Member Area on HiPay Wallet. On the other hand, you can open several Sub-Accounts without additional cost.
  • What is the difference between a Member Area and a Main Account?
    When you register, a Member Area is automatically created. It has a Member Area number (MAId no.) which you can use when dealing with customer support. For each Member Area there is a main account which has an account number (Cid no.).
    From the Member Area, you can create accounts other than your main account: these are known as Sub-Accounts. Each new account has its own Cid number and you can allocate different login details from those of the Main Account.
  • How do I change the information on my account?
    For reasons of security, you cannot change Personal nor Business information directly on the site; instead, you must e-mail details of changes using the contact form. You can however change the information given in your subaccounts whenever you want, via your main account. Simply select the subaccount you want to change, and then go to “personal details” followed by “General information” where you make the desired changes.
  • How can I switch to a business account in order to make withdrawals in my company's name?
    Contact our Sales Department for a complete list of items to submit to change your status.
    After verification, our Sales Department will register your account as « Business». You will receive a confirmation e-mail about your new status, and your withdrawal requests will be authorized.
    Once registered as a Business User, you can avail of all the advantages associated with your new status.
  • What is an "UNIDENTIFIED" or "IDENTIFIED" account or Member Area?
    An Unidentified account is an account which we have not yet checked and confirmed the identification details entered when signing up. The balance of an unidentified account cannot exceed €150.

    Any transaction which, if completed, would exceed this maximum balance, will be refused by our system.
    For an account to the registered as «Identified» by our Verification Department, you must send us the legal and administrative documents we need to positively establish your identity (i.e. the information you entered when you first signed up).
    In keeping with our General Conditions of Use, you must inform us of any changes to your personal data, and submit suitable items of written proof.

    Please send your documents or questions by e-mail at the following address : [email protected]

    You are a personal user :
    • A copy of a valid document of identification: identity card or passport.
    • Your bank account number
    • Copy of a utilities bill (water, gas, electricity, etc.) positively establishing where the person lives. All documents must be less than 3 months old.

    You are a business user :
    • A copy of the company's by-laws (Including the proxies).
    • Your company numbers (RC/BCE/RPM), your VAT number.
    • Your bank account number
    • A copy of a document of identification for the legal representative.
  • Can I delete a Sub-Account?
    No, for security and accounting reasons you can only "suspend" (and/or reactivate) a Sub-Account.
  • Can I close my Member Area?
    Yes if the following conditions are fulfilled:
    • the balances of all accounts belonging to you Member Area are 0. To do this, please use up any remaining balance before making your closure request.
    • if no transfer or payment is pending.
    The request must be sent by e-mail to our Customer Support.