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Measures to prevent money laundering

Money laundering consists of transforming "dirty" money from organized crime (drug trafficking, smuggling and theft) into clean money using false identities. In order to guard against these practices, HiPay Wallet has put in place a series of regular checks on registered accounts and HiPay Wallet transactions.

HiPay Wallet may then need to check the information given in your Member Area. For security reasons, transaction limits which depend on your user status have also been put in place.

To guarantee a secure system, a number of verification procedures are used to check the bank account number, identity and address details.
HiPay Wallet is under the obligation to:
- Keep all transactions carried out on the HiPay Wallet network.
- Monitor any unusual or suspect transactions.
- Communicate all suspect transactions to the CTIF (Belgian Financial Intelligence Processing Unit).

Identification procedure

In accordance with our terms and conditions and regulation about electronic currency issuing, the balance of a user accountHiPay Wallet
⏎ cannot exceed 150€ if the account holder identity has not been verified by our services.
⏎ To identify an account, please provide the following documents:

Personal users:
- Copy of a valid ID (identity card or passport).
- Copy of a utilities bill (water, gas, electricity, etc.) positively establishing where the person lives. All documents must be less than 3 months old.
- Your bank account number

Business (commercial companies, associations, etc.):
- Copy of the Company’s bylaws (including the breakdown of powers).
- Registration numbers (RC/BCE/RPM, etc.) and VAT number.
- Copy of proof of identity of the legal representative.
- Your bank account number

Please send these documents by:
E-mail: [email protected]. (Scanned documents must be legible)
Mail: to the postal addresses given in the Contactrubric.
Individuals: once the identification process has been done, you will be able to use your HiPay wallet account up to 2500 &euro.
Beyond this balance, the account must be registered as a Business account.
No limits are applied to the balances of identified Business Accounts.

If an account has not been identified, any transaction which could cause the €150 balance to be exceeded will be refused.

Spoofing and phishing

- Identity theft consists in a given person pretending to be another person, with or without the latter's knowledge. Using elements of personal identification, or documents to identify oneself (name, address, identification document, etc.) in order to obtain an advantage (access to certain rights for example), commit a misdemeanor in the name of the person whose identity has been stolen, hide one’s true identity, or cause damage to a third party, are all examples of this activity.

- Definition of Phishing:
Phishing is a particular case of identity theft where the "cyber pirate" creates a "mirror site" to mislead the Internet user. A random e-mail, often unsolicited, with the same visual appearance as the copied site, is sent to a person's e-mail asking him to connect to this imitation interface to enter updated information or for a similar misleading purpose.
Warning! Phishing can take the form of a simple questionnaire requesting additional information concerning your login details, personal and financial information.


Always check

- Contact source: only [email protected] emails come from the HiPay Wallet customer service. However, it is advised to also verify that the Anti-Phising key is present in the email.

- The anti-phishing key:This information is required during the registration, and must be present in all communication. It helps to verify the identity of our salesforce during phone conversation with HiPay Wallet. This can be modified in "Personal Details - General information".

- Site addressany link to the HiPay Wallet will have the domain name:

- Site security:when paying for a purchase made on a site using HiPay Wallet as a means of payment, the pop-up navigation bar must indicate, and must inform the user that it is a secure page.

- Disconnection after use:always log out after exiting the account.

- Updating browsers:Up-to-date browsers: the best-known browsers such as Firefox© or Internet Explorer© have filters to detect phishing sites. For maximum security, HiPay Wallet recommends regular updating.

Please signal any suspicious content via e-mail [email protected] or [email protected].

Security principles

- Never divulge your password by e-mail or telephone.

- HiPay Wallet will never send an e-mail requesting that personal data be updated. Should you receive such an email, do not reply and inform HiPay Wallet.

- You can make sure you are actually speaking with approved HiPay Wallet personnel on the phone by asking for the personal anti-phishing key.
Customer Support phone numbers - Belgium: 32 (0) 2 888 89 40 | France +33 (0) 1 73 03 89 55.

If questions, contact HiPay wallet Customer Support.