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The HiPay wallet™ payment solution is produced by HPME:
HPME is a Belgian company with capital of 3.2 Million Euro with head office located in Brussels.
HPME is accredited by the NBB (ex CBFA) (Banking, Financial and Assurance commission).
HPME is a subsidiary of the Hi-Media Group created in 2008 and dedicated to the electronic wallet.


Legal information:
Registration number within the register of companies: 0897928802
Capital: 3.2 Million Euro
Headquarters: 19 avenue des volontaires, 1160 Auderghem - Bélgium
Type of activity: HPME is an electronic currency issuing establishment, whose certification was granted by the Banking,
Financial and Insurance Commission (CBFA) - Belgium - on December 9, 2008.
Telephone contact (Belgium):
- Tel.: + 32 (0) 2 888 89 40
- Fax.: + 32 (0) 2 401 40 97
Mail : [email protected]

Managing Director: Mr Eric Favre

HiMedia Group

HiPay Wallet is HiMedia Group electronic wallet

Legal information:
Hi-Media is a company with capital of 3,980,645.80 Euro.
Headquarters: 6 Place du Colonel Bourgoin 75012 Paris, France
Paris Trade and Enterprises Register: 418 093 761

Group management:
Chairman and Managing Director: Mr Cyril Zimmermann
Managing Director: Mr Eric Giordano and Mr Gabriel de Montessus

HiMedia Group offers support to advertisers, editors and merchants for the development of their digital strategies. As they operate in two activity sectors - HiMedia digital advertising and HiPay online payments - its experts offer the solutions best adapted to their clients' revenue growth.
Present in eight European countries, the group counts about 420 employees and made a turnover of 185 million euros in 2013. The company has been independent since its creation, is listed on Euronext Paris (compartment C), and is part of the CAC Small, CAC All-Tradable and CAC PME indices. Code ISIN : FR 0000075988 / Mnemo : HIM